Do It With a Buddy

I respect the solo warrior who gets out there on their own and makes shit happen. If you motivate yourself to stay fit, more power to you. However, if you struggle to stay on a path of fitness that is consistent, you may benefit from getting a workout buddy. Studies have shown that there is strength in numbers.

Exercise partners provide a sense of comfort and a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and healthy competition. I certainly have had great success with having an exercise buddy over the years. They have always helped me to push one or two more out of my sets, to stick with doing that last mile and to even sign up for fun fitness events where you meet more potential buddies along the way.

If you’re ready to partner up, don’t recruit the first warm body you see. If you choose someone who does not share the same commitment to fitness as you, that could be a distraction, or even a deterrent. Also, if your partner is at a drastically different level of health, fitness or ability you could be pushed too hard, held back, or possibly even injured. Think about who might be a good pair for you and try it out. If you fit, fantastic, let the buddy system begin. Group activities like Muddy Buddies and Big Blue Adventure are a cool way to link up with like minded fitness friends and have a ton of fun while maximizing those healthy endorphins.

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