Barry Johnson;
We are so fortunate to have Tracy’s teaching.
She brings together a diverse group of yoga students that have become family. Tracy motivates and teaches with encouragement but no judgement. There are a few master “teachers” in life Tracy, you are one of the few that are remarkable!

Pedro Oguri;
“Tracy is an exceptional personal trainer. My strength, flexibly and coordination have significantly improved since I began training with her.

She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, which has helped me develop key areas and prevent injuries.
Tracy’s classes are customized and she is excellent in keeping pace and challenge at the right level. I feel stronger and healthier than ever.”
Sandra Tucher;
“Tracy is extraordinary.  She is knowledgeable and experienced, yet her coaching is never stale.  Her class is always thorough, rewarding, and inspiring. Tracy’s unique and original warm-up prepares students perfectly for the challenging work ahead.  As she builds the practice, she blends strenuous poses with restorative postures.  Her clever composition allows students to reach their limits within a series but then recover and prepare for the next series.  It is obvious that Tracy has thought about the benefits and risks of each posture and then used her insights and experience to design sequences that balance, strengthen, and stretch perfectly. Tracy’s instructions are precise but not wordy.  She explains every move clearly, enabling students to go to their edge but not risk injury.  Her class is physically among the most difficult.  Yet, despite the physical chaos, she introduces calm into the practice.  Her coaching is suited for everyone, yet it is personal.  She motivates students and guides them to get the most out of each class.  I’ve practiced yoga for over fifteen years and sampled teachers across the country.  Tracy is simply one of the best.”

Maya Watts, San Francisco;
“Tracy is the best trainer and yoga instructor that I have ever had. I first met Tracy when I started attending her power yoga class at the Yoga Source (Palo Alto). I quickly became a fan because Tracy really pushes you to do your best – every class, every time. Her instruction is calm and clear yet extremely motivating and rigorous at the same time. I was so inspired by Tracy’s classes that I wanted to get personal training from her as well. I was preparing for my wedding at the time, and also just wanted to take my fitness to the next level.

Tracy and I starting training one-on-one, and within a few short months, she helped me change my entire approach to life and fitness. She not only gave me very useful tips about health and diet (that I still use today), but also she really worked with me to address my specific needs. Above all, Tracy is a pleasure to work with – she is incredibly kind and genuinely cares about her clients. I am so lucky to have found her!”

Krista Canfield, Senior PR Manager for US, Brazil and Canada, at LinkedIn; 
“I’ve been practicing various types of yoga (Bikram, vinyasa, etc.) for a few years now and can honestly say that Tracy is one of my top three instructors of all time. Every time I take one of her classes I either learn a new pose or a tweak to a position I don’t know which helps me be a better yogi. She currently teaches yoga classes at LinkedIn where I’m an employee. (We have a corporate fitness program.)   Rather than a lot of meditating (which is fine for some folks, but not exactly my style), Tracy makes you WORK in her Power Yoga classes. Every class is different and she makes every muscle in your body feel like it got a fantastic workout. She challenges her students to get out of their comfort zones and try new positions which is something I really love about her classes. My only complaint is that she doesn’t have more classes available for me to take! I wish I could take her Power Yoga class every day of the week.”

Eriko Morio;
Endurance, Strong, Flow, Love & Inner piece are the words to describe Tracy’s Yoga.  Not only is she intimidatingly gorgeous, and you can easily get distracted by her beauty, but you also see her passion for yoga. The beauty of Tracy’s yoga is.. you never know what is coming as she reads the room each time and choreographs a perfect segment that works for her class. Another magic of Tracy’s yoga is the low impact workout, which has EVERYTHING compiled in an hour or 75 minutes class.  She packages: balance, power, endurance, flexibility all in one with a flow which I always find fascinating and intriguing.Each of her directions are VERY detailed and unlike some yoga teachers, she is talking 80% of the time guiding us what we should be feeling, what muscles we should be engaging/recruiting, and if we can reach further (her exact words 😊) I believe it is her way to encourage us and she is feeling the poses as she teaches us in class. The biggest reward for me after a great workout is the reward at the end when she shares her inner piece as we wind down.  A great combination, physically and mentally.  

Thank you for always sharing your practice with us, I appreciate every time that I have the opportunity to do yoga with you, and know that there is NO one like YOU!

Kevin McKee: 
Tracy, your yoga is quickly becoming an important component of my training.  In my former life I was a D1 college Swimmer, so I know what limber is.  What was once a strength is now a weakness.  The joys of aging gracefully.  In more recent years I caught the triathlon bug.  Point is I thought I had decent routines.  What was missing is the combination of strengthening and lengthening the muscles that your classes provide.  My low back and back of the legs are constantly tight. Recently I had steroid injections in the right shoulder and left hip (Covid Hip, brand new BS).  Your power yoga is not for the faint of heart. Truth be told level 1-2 is kicking my ass.  I am only 5 classes in, a certified rookie, but I can feel the aching body parts getting stronger and more limber during every class.  The physical benefits are just what the doctor ordered.  The modifications or alternatives you provide in your teaching for we rookies are spot on.  With the current state of my shoulder and hip those tips are priceless.  Your motivational style encourages digging deeper and provides the inspiration to get after it.  The thought of yoga in a studio full of people can be intimidating.  These online classes provide a relaxed judgement free zone to enjoy and learn at your own pace.  My best advice try a class with a friend and make the experience twice the fun.

During the pandemic the world needs more of what you provide!  Your program provides a great workout.  It also provides a sense of relaxation for the body, mind, and soul.  I used to say my body never feels better then when I am walking out of the gym.  Now, my body and mind never feel more refreshed then when I get off my mat after one of Tracy’s classes, and it’s not even close.  Looking forward to graduating to the next level!  Outstanding stuff!!!

I may not be able to avoid a likely hip replacement, but I know after only 5 classes that my recovery will be quicker and easier as a result of your Raw Power yoga.

Thank you!!! Kevin M

Brandi Walters;
Tracy welcomes the room with a composed confidence that is warm and authentic.  Her cues are direct and specific and are said with perfect volume and clarity. She has a unique balance in her persona.  She is both the leader of the room by commanding attention, while creating an opportunity for people to feel relaxed about challenging themselves and comfortable with the fact that the work is hard.

She observes people’s bodies carefully to see where they might be struggling and encourages participants to stay with a pose and commit to the work required to get to the next step.  In a realm that can sometimes feel competitive (a yoga studio) she creates community by encouraging people to connect with what is going on for them on their mat and acknowledging that all people struggle.

The novel sequences she creates in her classes are nothing short of genius. Seriously. They are that amazing!  She puts arms, legs, and core together in ways that are completely unique in a flowing sequence that she shares in step-by-step, easily grasped terms.  I am routinely blown away by how quickly the time flies by, despite the fact I have been working HARD for well over an hour.

She is unparalleled in the space of yoga/fitness because though she is physically beautiful, she is completely approachable.  She meets her clients with a humbleness that is rare and exudes genuine warmth that makes people feel valued and cherished. She is super-endearing as she breaks down barriers between herself and others by sharing tid-bits of her own life and asks participants to be curious about their own lives.  She encourages all attending to recognize that we all have challenges in life, things to be grateful for, etc. and she artfully times these stories, sharing them when the class is reflective and in a state of mind where they can process this type of material. Tracy weaves fitness/ yoga together in a way that carries over well after the time of day when the yoga mat is rolled up.

Greg Gallo:
I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and to me, Tracy is a community treasure!

I have had a variety of instructors, I have attended yoga festivals and taken classes from big name celebrity teachers.  Yoga is not a competition but honestly Tracy is by far the best instructor that I have experienced on several levels.  As a former collegiate athlete and serious surfer and skier I appreciate Tracy’s dynamic classes.  I love her focus on proper alignment as the intensity of her classes pick up.  She has this knack of getting us to hold poses just that little bit longer than we think we can, but then gives us that little rest in down dog or child’s pose at the perfect time.

I love Tracy’s intensity and her passion but her compassion, her humor and her sweetness are also very special.  She knows exactly when to crack a wry joke to lighten everything up.

One of my favorite things about Tracy’s classes is that she completely engages us. Often this helps get me into a flow-state where I am completely in the moment.  Accessing this state is so great for me mentally and emotionally and I always walk out of Tracy’s classes feeling amazing.

Alex Parshad:
I have been blessed with Tracy’s power-yoga training for several years.  I have been addicted to it ever since I tried it for the first time and I simply cannot go on without it.  Her classes have been a life-changing complement to my exercise regimen.   Tracy’s unique approach of strength training combined with flexibility, endurance, balance, and focus is a holistic approach that brings out the raw inner strength of the trainee.  I feel like a warrior, ready to take on any physical challenge, after her class.

Tracy is a masterful teacher.  She takes her students through her power-yoga flow with clear and concise instructions while motivating her students and being patient, such that the students enjoy the challenge and resonate with her dynamic energy.

I cannot say enough about the benefits I have gained from taking Tracy’s classes.  My health has risen to a whole different level as a result. But don’t listen to me – try her classes for yourself and you will understand.  I never get bored of her classes because every class is the first and the last of its type in every dimension of physical, mental, and spiritual experience.

I hope Tracy continues to spread her beautiful art forever!

Lindsay Burns:
“Tracy is a true gem to the yoga world and to anyone looking for overall dynamic strength. I highly recommend her classes to complement whatever other sport you are into. Think of “boot camp” but with flow, balance and flexibility. Her core work can be excruciating, but her supportive guidance gets you through. You will learn to recruit muscles you didn’t know you had, because you have to! And injury prevention? This is probably as close to a magic bullet as you can get. Don’t miss out — you will leave class simultaneously exhausted and refreshed.

Tony Espinosa:
Our 13 year old daughter plays competitive soccer and basketball. Through the last two years she continuously was getting dinged up and injured due to muscle strains – hamstring, groin, calf, etc. We asked if Tracy would take on a project with not only our daughter but also a group of her friends who also play competitive sports. This was a three month project aimed at stretching, strengthening the core, and building total body strength and flexibility. We came across this idea through an article in the New York Times on an analysis of how today’s young ladies are getting more injured due to high impact sports. Compounded by the fact that through their respect female growth cycles such injuries are more common. Tracy worked twice a week with our girls. This past Fall and Winter we have seen no injuries, our daughter’s flexibility has improved dramatically, and in general created such a positive environment. We believe that complementing the current athletic training with Power Yoga specific to young ladies is invaluable. Tracy has a program that could be very well part of any competitive sport. I trust she will be able to build a practice specifically aimed at young competitive ladies. Her program is not easy and challenging, but the rewards are phenomenal.

Diane Byster;
What makes Tracy’s power yoga classes so incredibly special and invigorating is the particular combination of teaching elements including: a very thorough warm-up where all muscles and joints are relaxed and stretched properly before beginning any challenging sequences, alternate periods of intense work with an emphasis on the core, and always a variety of strengthening poses and cardio sequences so each class is unique, and a complete cool down. Tracy uses an economy of words, and encourages all participants to works at their growth edge no matter their ability level, while respecting individual limits. She also has a warm, engaging style and infuses her teaching with her humor and lightness.
As a certified Vinyassa yoga teacher myself, I attend Tracy’s classes because I receive a complete, thorough workout and a definite boost in energy that carries me into my day. I observe after taking Tracy’s class, I consistently feel more energized, alert, confident and focused in my concentration which adds enormous benefit to my own work with clients and my teaching. I highly recommend Tracy and her class.

Ngugi Kihara;
Tracy, I Love your sequence, music guidance and just how you hold the space. SO inspiring strong and beautiful!

Fern Mandelbaum;
Tracy is amazing.

I am a runner and cyclist and about a year ago was feeling like everything hurt. I thought I should try a yoga class; one that would  help me feel better, and help me with flexibility, balance and strength.  I also wanted a workout, and randomly chose Tracy’s class.  Well, I showed up at power yoga and couldn’t do one pose correctly. But every class Tracy would help me, and each class I would improve a little bit.  I now feel stronger and healthier then I ever have, and can do just about every pose and movement.  Prior to Tracy’s class, I would’ve said I wasn’t a class person. I now move my schedule around so I can make all of her classes. It has really impacted my life in a hugely positive way.  Tracy you are truly one of the best teacher’s I’ve had in anything!

Karen Burns; 
“Tracy’s Power Yoga is the ideal cross training for Runners – High Endurance, Strength Conditioning, Balance Agility, Flexibility, and Controlled Breath. I’m a Marathon Runner. I fractured my patella (knee cap) end of May 2014, right at the heart of training for the Santa Rosa Marathon, August 24th. I couldn’t run for 2 months and couldn’t face swimming or biking. I assumed I’d have to reduce Santa Rosa to a half, so decided to try something new to keep me upbeat.

I showed up the next Monday morning at Tracy’s Power Yoga class and it blew me away. First, I was just shocked how weak I was, how could this be? Core exercise and planks were not new to me, but Tracy’s class was at another level – with her fast-moving pace and high intensity sequences, it still remains very challenging. It makes you want to improve and just enjoy how tough it is. I’m 3 months in and I’m a devoted Tracy follower, Power Yoga every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday… I don’t want to miss a class!

She’s so strong and inspirational, seems to instinctively know what to say to push you further, you think she’s only talking to you. The ENDURANCE and STRENGTH training she gives you is INCREDIBLE, plus balance and breathing! And I can feel it all now in my running.  With just 3 long training runs squeezed in, a 16, 19 & 21-miler, I somehow finished Santa Rosa in 3:29, and got 2nd Place female in my age group. I was so happy to have just been able to do the full 26.2 miles, but more stunned how well I felt. I felt stronger than I ever have, in my quads, my upper body, even my ankles (that’s the balancing). Each mile I finished strong, I knew it was because of Tracy’s classes. My next marathon is NYC in November and now that I’ve made this wonderful discovery, I can’t wait to see how far I can go and how much better I can do. Tracy has made Yoga as much of a thrill for me as running!

Susan Woods;
“As someone who suffers from Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia, and lives with chronic pain on a daily basis, I have to be very selective about who I train with. In the wrong hands, I could potentially be damaged from poor training methods. Tracy Gulbransen is knowledgeable, smart, skilled, trustworthy, and simply the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. In addition, she is sweet, kind, accepting, understanding, loyal, fun to be with, and so has over time become a dear friend. As much as I hate exercising, I love working out with Tracy. I look forward to our time together, knowing she will make it as pleasant as possible while still pushing me to my limits. The changes in my body, mind, and level of pain during the years I have worked with Tracy are nothing short of remarkable! Tracy Gulbransen comes with my highest recommendation.”

Agnes Bartha, MD; 
“Hey Tracy, I just wanted to let you know how inspired, calm and focused I feel after your power yoga classes. Since I’ve started learning yoga with you over a year ago, I have become so much more aware of my body, the way it works, and the way my mind connects to it . You have taught me more about body-awareness than any anatomy class I have ever taken. I also appreciate the variety of poses you introduce to us, and how you gently challenge us to leave our comfort zone.
When we actually take that leap of faith, and are able to do something for the first time that we never thought we could do, the exhilaration of success is indescribable!!”

Jason Pfannenstiel, financial advisor;
“Tracy kicks ass, pure and simple. She pushes you to test your limits both physically and mentally. Her approach incorporates flexibility, breath, core and a ton of strength work. Total body workout.  I had consistent lower back pain, bad posture and tightness from sitting all day at work that is now gone. My day to day mobility is much more fluid and I am much stronger in other activities like skiing, Mt Biking and golf. This is not your Mom’s rec center yoga instructor. If you really want to change your body, improve your flexibility, mental toughness and get stronger, Tracy will guide you there.”

Massy Mehdipour, P.E., Founder and CEO;
Tracy, I am very pleased with the method, enthusiasm, energy, and motivational aspect of your teaching. I have seen a huge difference in my strength and flexibility in just the 10 sessions that we have worked together.”

Jim Baer;
I suffered a near death bicycle injury 2010 (as I  was turning 60) that had me hospitalized for 5 months with another year of therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury. Tracy and I began working out in late 2011 when my therapies allowed me to drive and sensibly interact, again.

We worked with weight training, yoga and balance/agility challenges to help regain my strength and coordination.  She taught me strong yoga postures – suitable for an older guy no longer limber. We have trained 2 days every week varying from gyms to my home.  I am grateful every day for Tracy having become a close friend in my life, she takes special care of all of me – body, heart and soul.

Jane Stocklin; “
I have been taking classes from Tracy for almost 10 years. Because Tracy is an excellent teacher, she has cultivated a loyal following of students. We all recognize her skill and abilities. Her class has become a top priority in my life! I always appreciate the variety in her sessions. Since the predictability is gone, she gets you to work much
harder than you had planned! I feel good and have greatly increased my strength and flexibility.”

Jack Bradley, CEO Packet Design, Inc.;
“I’ve been training with Tracy for the past year and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The regime has been tough but as we all know you don’t get results without pushing the limits at times. Not only has the training been beneficial and enabled me to fully rehab from knee surgery but they’ve been fun too. In addition to the physical benefit I find I have more energy which has carried over to all aspects of my life, whether it be work, family activities, or hobbies.”

Abe and Marian Sofaer, Palo Alto;
“Tracy is a great trainer. She knows what each of us needs to improve our health and capacities. She also has an enormous repertoire of exercises, on which she continuously draws. This keeps us interested and involved. She is reliable, fun, and totally professional in her commitment to her clients.”

Tom Adams, Venture Capitalist; 
“Working with Tracy has changed my life. When I began training with Tracy a little over two years ago, I was recovering from a ruptured disc and experienced quite a bit of pain just walking. Running was out of the question. To make matters worse, I had developed adult onset asthma. Understanding my particular challenges, Tracy developed a program to strengthen my core and overall conditioning. Over time, as I became stronger, she added cardiovascular and more intense strength training.
Today, I am stronger than I was prior to the disc injury and can run and workout as intensely and as often as I want. Over the years, I have worked with several trainers and none is as knowledgeable, talented or professional as is Tracy. If you follow her lead, you will get the results you want. She is the best.”