Tracy Gulbransen

About Tracy

My name is Tracy Gulbransen.  I am a fitness and wellness professional.  I teach RAW Power Yoga, I am a personal trainer, I am a fitness coach, and I produce classes for online consumption.  Athleticism inspires me – not only being athletic myself but watching others.  It always has.  From rooting for my home town Phillies on hot summer nights as a kid, to moving through a room full of my yoga students today.  Physical fitness is my life.  At the age of 19 I developed a love for high intensity movement while teaching high-impact cardio style classes at Bally’s Total Fitness back in Philadelphia.  I love me some Jane Fonda…  I got such an adrenaline rush teaching those crowds of wide-eyed exhausted but smiling students that it really cemented physical fitness training as my purpose.

A knee injury sidelined me years ago.  For me, surgery is always a last resort.  I prefer to heal naturally when possible.  So after weeks of studies and research, with my right leg in an air cast, I found Yoga.  In particular, I found the amazing healing benefits of Power Yoga.  After six months of Power Yoga my knee was healed completely. My newfound passion for this practice set me on a journey to study with the internationally known Baron Baptiste.  Today my own Power Yoga, which I call RAW (Real Athletic Warriors) Power, is an interwoven practice combining all aspects of my personal and professional training regimen.  My unique assemblage of movements leave you feeling strong, lengthened, energized and perfectly unified.


I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have completed Teacher Training with the Baptiste Yoga Institute, and I have studied with Bryan Kest, who is recognized by many as the creator of Power Yoga.   I am a Certified SPX Fitness Trainer, having completed my training with Sebastien Lagree, the creator of SPX Fitness.

What I teach

In addition to RAW Power yoga, I also teach SPX Fitness classes, core muscle conditioning, boot camp, conditioning for cardiac rehabilitation patients, sports specific training, in-home private yoga, and one-on-one personal fitness training.  I like my clients to face new challenges regularly. Each week I create different movements in order to keep their interests piqued, their minds stimulated, and their bodies strong. I feel a connection to each and every person I am fortunate enough to work with. I am grateful to have made my life’s calling my life’s work.


To Inspire, to nurture, to ignite the human spirit – one person, one connection, one workout at a time.

XO, Tracy Gulbransen

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