Drop a Squat

Can you drop into a seated squat position, anywhere, anytime? I ask this question because I want you to think about your answer.

If you said yes…..fantastic, you are supple like a leopard, ready for movement at a moments notice.

If you said no……whoa!!!! Let us think of the why.

There could be a plethora of reasons, but the one that matters most is identifying the real issue at hand, and then developing a program to fix it.

I will address a few things you may have said, just to get you thinking from a mind/body connection.

First thought may be, “I have pain in my knees…..but that’s normal, I’m old”.

Well, there could be a million reasons why your knees hurt, but just because we are aging certainly does not mean this is normal and you go on living in pain. See your doctor and get more information so you can feel good well into your golden years.

Maybe you said, “my hips hurt when I try to squat in any position”.

OUCH!!!! Hit my tab on foam rolling, if this is not something you already do regularly and get yourself to a yoga class. Keep in mind it takes baby steps to reach a goal, and every consistent step leads you to that healthy place….wherever you are, whenever the mood strikes you…to DROP A SQUAT!!!!

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