Takin’ It Out On The Road

Maybe you’re thinking the title to this post is referring to releasing your aggressive feelings or upset emotions by going for a run.  Or maybe you thought it was just about taking your cardio program outdoors by hitting the trails.  Either way…you were correct, because I want to address both .

Doing exercise that increases your heart rate is a fantastic way to release stress and to gain happy hormones.  This is exactly why you hear people talking about the fix they need to get their “runners high”.  Maybe running is not your preference, so you row, swim, climb stairs or do jumping jacks…..but I almost promise that not too long after you’re red in the face, with sweat dripping down your back, you will start to feel a little, or a lot of happy adrenaline pumping through your veins.  I never like to promise something I have no control over, but I also have never met someone who told me they didn’t feel this way after a workout.  It’s a beautiful thing to not only feel this great happiness but to also know you are transforming your body and your heart health.

Now, I purposefully titled this post with the word “Road” rather than trail because I wanted to remind you that pounding your joints on the pavement is not a great idea. This is a good read as to why.

If you’re needing to get it all out…or you just feel like you want more happy hormones…..get out there and move!


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