Sports Injury Prevention

Throughout the summer of 2011 I was offered a very special opportunity to work with a small group of teenage female athletes who had been suffering from sports-related injuries in previous years. It is not uncommon for young developing bodies to suffer not only aches and pains through the intensive strains of sports, but more serious injuries as well. These girls were no different. But when I was contacted by Tony and Petrice Espinosa they were more concerned with injury PREVENTION, than recovery, which had up until the time we met been the typical process – play sports/suffer injury/get medical attention/recover. However, to their great credit Antonio and Patrice began thinking proactively due to a New York Times article they had read on this very subject:

The Uneven Playing Field

Antonio and Patrice’s question for me was specific, “Do you think you can help these girls develop both the strengh and flexibility that might keep them injury free?”

Having always been passionate about sports conditioning I felt instantly energized about the project. I worked with this group of girls for four months. Our results were exceptional. The following is a testimonial written by Tony and Petrice Espinosa;

” Our 13 year old daughter plays competitive soccer and basketball.  Through the last two years she continuously was getting dinged up and injured due to muscle strains – hamstring, groin, calf, etc.  We asked if Tracy would take on a project with not only our daughter but also a group of her friends who play competitive sports.  This was a three month project aimed at stretching, strengthening the core, and building total body strength and flexibility.  We came across this idea through an article in the New York Times on an analysis of how today’s young ladies are getting more injured due to high impact sports.  Compounded by the fact that through their respect female growth cycles such injuries are more common.  Tracy worked twice a week with our girls.  This past fall and winter we have seen no injuries, our daughter’s flexibility has improved dramatically, and in general created such a positive environment.  We believe that complementing the current athletic training with Power Yoga specific to young ladies is invaluable.  Tracy has a program that could be very well part of any competitive sport.  I trust she will be able to build a practice specifically aimed at young competitive ladies.  Her program is not easy, it is very challenging, but the rewards are phenomenal.”

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  1. I had no idea injuries were so common in sports, as i never had the issue, but I believe Warm Up is the best way to reduce injury chances.

    By the way, Great post, very informative.

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