My First Power Yoga Class was designed to help you get started in your practice.  Don’t be intimidated by Power Yoga, because it’s not as hard as it looks.  I promise you are ready for it!  Come tag along with Gavin and myself and let’s start down this beautiful path together. This is Gavin’s very first class, so I will maintain a gentle pace.  My personal practice has brought me healing, flexibility and strength.  I promise yours can do the same.  I am excited to share my experience here with you and Gavin – our two complete beginners of the day.
If you you already have your first Power Yoga class behind you by now, and feel ready to step your game up a level or two, try this level 1-2 Power Yoga class with Barry and me.
Your first Power Yoga class will improve your flexibility, your strength, and your overall wellness.  As a result your transformation begins on day one.   Getting on your mat for your first Power Yoga class is such a special gift of self love.  It is a time to encourage the growth and development of  your muscles, tendons and cardiovascular system. Even more importantly, it is a time to connect your brain and your nervous system to your soul.

Class Description:

My First Power Yoga Class is deeply instructional with lots of modifications for otherwise challenging poses.   I take you through each movement with care and detail.  These movements promote healing and elongation.  Think of it as a synergistic dance that makes you forget you are working and confirms that this is all about life force at its finest.
Your lungs can be a powerful part of your workout when you completely expand them, so we breath full, deep, long inhales and exhales.  In addition, we play, we smile and we sweat our way through this workout.  In other words, you don’t think of how much you are working because it is actually fun.
I challenge you, with open arms, to give this beginners Power Yoga class an open-minded chance. You may just fall in love!
PS: you may also view this video on my “Power Yoga with Tracy G.

2 Thoughts on “My First Power Yoga Class

  1. A must for every yoga beginner. The class is a positive reaffirmation of the fact that yoga is for everyone. With Tracy it is not just yoga for the body, it is a soothing practice for your soul and mind. It is paves your path to other classes online with Tracy that are published.
    Namaste to a wonderful and talented Yogi.

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