Chaturanga Pose Tutorial – Power Yoga

Here’s a little take on getting in touch with your Chaturanga and how you can really love your feet along the way.  Please tuck your pelvis, engage through your glutes, engage through your quads, stack your elbows on top of your wrists, line your shoulders with your elbows, engage through your abdominals…

Namaste 🙂


One thought on “Chaturanga Pose Tutorial – Power Yoga

  1. Chaturanga the toughest yoga pose to do perfectly! Tracy breaks it down to make if feel simple and effective. A teacher with immense potential known for her tough love. Here she lovingly makes this tough pose palatable to every yoga practitioner irrespective of their abilities. Thank you for making it look easy and approachable. You are treasured gem for our community. Keep up the good work

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