Power Yoga for Complete Beginners – Your First Power Yoga Workout at Home!

Power Yoga for Complete Beginners, Class #21

This Level 0-1, 75 minute Power Yoga for Complete Beginners Class could be just right for you! If this is your first Power Yoga experience, great. We can start right here together. Therefore, you can be totally new –  a complete Power Yoga beginner. I will walk you through every pose. In this class I offer lots of modifications to poses that you might find challenging.  So you may need extra help in the beginning.  This Power Yoga for Complete beginners class can help you get started!

UJJayi Breathing

Give yourself time to get warm.  Focus on your breathing.  I mention “Ujjayi Breathing” in most of my classes because this breathing technique allows you to calm your mind by focusing on your breath.  It helps to keep you present, warm, and relaxed.  In Power Yoga, breath is actually a key focal point.  Your breath can be just as important as the physical movements that we do.   Try it by closing your mouth, breathing through your nose, and allowing your breath to travel through your glottis – the opening deep in your throat near your vocal cords.

Ujjayi breathing is referred to as an “audible breath”, because you really can hear it.  As you get better at it, you will learn to sync your breaths with your poses.  As a result, your breathing will help your posing.  I inhale on the lengthening parts of poses and exhale on the strengthening parts.  My Ujjayi breathing creates an openness in my stretch and a strengthening in my flex.  For me the sound and cadence of my breathing is very grounding because it keeps me focused.  It sounds almost oceanic, which always brings me back. home.

Reach out if you have specific wants or needs, because hearing from you might benefit more than just the two of us.  And don’t forget, any form of exercise that strains your muscles can also leave you sore and overworked.  So don’t forget to Foam Roll!

…and remember, especially in the beginning, that you are only a beginner once.

XO, Tracy G.

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