Most well choreographed Power Yoga classes are excellent Full Body Workouts, because Power Yoga accesses parts of your body that you might not otherwise.  We all did as kids, running and jumping and climbing trees, but the older we get the less we do, and the less we do the more we lose.   So it really is true- the old saying “use it or lose it”.  Let’s turn that around together in this Class #25.

Power Yoga is wonderful for so many reasons. It’s great for stretching, building muscle strength, injury prevention, and refocusing your mind.  Whether you prefer low-key, relaxing poses, or high intensity sequences, power yoga can be an exceptional Full Body Workout.  And if you’re a total beginner, I’ve got you covered.  Follow this link to a great beginners class we recently filmed.


I am passionate about physical fitness, so you will never hear me criticize someone exercising.  But I do prefer a full body workout approach over individual exercises for individual muscle groups.  My husband is old-school with his workouts, so he prefers weight training.  He does multiple sets of individual exercises for specific muscle groups.  That can work too, but often times he neglects what I feel are critically important steps to overall fitness.  He rarely stretches after workouts, sometimes he barely warms up, and oftentimes he skips right over core work.

The beauty of Power Yoga is you cannot skip stretching or warming up, and you certainly cannot avoid core work.  At least not in my class.  Because I focus heavily on core work.  A strong and flexible core is your key to a strong and flexible life.   You know what’s another key?  Foam Rolling!  

Let’s turn this around together in this Power Yoga Class 25!
XO, Tracy

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp9Tcg4somI[/embedyt]

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