Total Body Power Yoga – class 23

This eighty minute Total Body Power Yoga Class will challenge you and your practice to reach new levels of strength and flexibility.  It’s a rigorous sequence of total body power yoga flow and various level 2~3 strength & balance poses.  This class is specially sequenced to open your hips, your heart and your mind.  As a result I hope it offers you a deeper appreciation of how yoga is such a complete exercise for both your body and your mind, from start to finish. There are moments I will encourage you to push yourself a little more, this is just in my nature, but always remember to listen to how your body is feeling throughout the movements.  This power yoga workout can be a fun way to push your body and your practice, but please always remember to be gentle with yourself too.  Feel free to skip any moves, or pause during moves, that feel too far outside your comfort zone. Between our Power Yoga workouts your body might feel tight, your muscles may feel sore.  Some great ways to soothe these tensions are:  Take a well deserved bath in Epsom Salts – pour six cups or so into a full hot bath and lose yourself in luxury while you get your meditation on.   If that doesn’t work out every single kink, get yourself a foam roller and roll yourself to happiness. XO, Tracy  

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