LEVEL 2-3 Raw Power Yoga class #20, with Tracy Gulbransen

Hello my strong ones!  How cool are we, doing yoga together, even when we’re not.

Today’s 60 minute online Raw Power Yoga  class #20 is a fusion of movements that twist, bend, fold & turn your body in all the ways it was intended to be since childhood.  Never underestimate the power of movement. And never stop moving, especially when it’s harder to.  Pull those shoulders BACK.  We are living in a world where we are hunched forward more than ever.  For HOURS. Cell phones, computers, desk jobs…..they all work against our best posture.  Come reverse that with me in my classes.  I will remind you how capable your body is, if you just give it the love it deserves.

Take this class slow if necessary, press pause when you need to, & enjoy our beautiful ride together.  …oh, don’t forget to foam roll!

XO, Tracy

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