Fit & Fun

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in how we want to look, that we forget about the fun we can have along the journey of our quest to be fit.

When we were kids, all of the fun we had playing hide-n-seek, tag, dodge ball, put us in exactly the same positions that we seek in our fitness programs today. Squat down to hide in the bushes, kick high to launch the ball, sprint as fast as you can to tag Sarah to be it. Who says exercise has to be boring, tedious or a chore?

When I teach my classes, I really try to make them fun. I remember going to an Ashtanga class years ago, a student got up to get some water and the instructor just about took his head off, yelling at him in front of the entire class about discipline and respect. It was a tragic sight to see for many reasons, but one being that his practice was HIS practice and his opportunity to enjoy all of the gifts we may receive during that time.

Exercise and movement are the bare requirements for a healthy body and I think it’s important to put an emphasis on finding ways to make achieving that goal as attractive as possible.

The next time you think about how you want to look in your size “whatever” jeans, keep in mind to dance, act silly, play and let the fun steer you along the way.

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