Training For Your Life

Do you train for looks, or do you train for life? Every day, if we’re lucky, we move. In our movements we are posed with opportunities. We can bend, twist, reach, and so on. Some days the most simple tasks, such as reaching for your favorite vase off the shelf, leaves you with an aching shoulder or a twinge in your back. Not too long ago I flew to Mexico to further my knowledge with Bryan Kest and there it was in front of me once again….a lady my age, possibly a bit younger, struggling to get her carry-on in the over head bin. I personally feel good when given the opportunity to help someone around me in a time of need, but when I see this particular situation, I want to help them in more ways than just getting that bag up there.

Many people train with a specific mind set. I want a hard body, a sexy looking body, which I will address in a future post. I want to have a healthy heart. I want to lose weight. I want to be strong. I want more energy. The list could go on and on. What do you want? Let’s just say that when I pose the question to my new clients and fellow workout friends, very seldom do I hear, I want to move better throughout my days and throughout my years and feel good.

Movement is the bare minimum of the basis of a healthy body. Some take it for granted for many years, until one day they realize they can’t touch their toes.

My philosophy of training is based on movement, core strength, balance and flexibility. It requires you to consider not only how your body looks, but how your body feels while doing the things in your life that you enjoy, as well as the movement you may need to sprint through the streets if you’re about to miss your train, or to pick up the bar of soap you dropped in the shower. Simple life movements. Functional training. Training for life.

So the next time you head out for your workout, pose a question to yourself. What am I training for? Then maybe you will get up against that wall and snap a photo from an angle you never may have considered before. That’s training for your life!!!

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