RAW Power Yoga class #14, with Tracy Gulbransen

Level 1-2, 65 minutes.  Hello everybody.  Today’s RAW Power Yoga Class #14 is a free class that focuses on full body lengthening & strengthening, hip flexibility, core strength, and thoracic mobility. This is an excellent introductory class that can benefit yogis of all levels.  Take it for your first time, take it for your next time. XO T

One thought on “RAW Power Yoga class #14, with Tracy Gulbransen

  1. Wow ! This was such an incredibly helpful challenging and fun class Tracy ! I finally was able to align my shoulders and wrists correctly in chaturanga as a result of the way that you talked though the pose . I love your flow sequences and the fact that your student is modeling the poses as you talk and cue . Your energy is wonderful and I look forward to taking many more classes ! Thank you !!

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