I have been an active, physical seeker for as long as I can remember.  Climbing trees and monkey bars as a kid, skating, jumping, running, swimming, always searching for the next new way to move my body.  This has just been forever how I am wired, which lead me to my profession.  Most of my school years I thought I would be a pediatric nurse, because of my deep affection towards children, but a few volunteer days at my local hospital proved me wrong….seeing the little ones suffer so much just ripped my heart out.

So here I am, teaching people every day, how to move more efficiently so their bodies feel good, and I love every minute of it.  I use to be of the mindset that harder, faster, stronger was the only way to get a “real” workout and real benefits, but I have learned, over many, many years, that at times, less is way more!

In my twenties my body pretty much responded well to every thing I threw at it, jump rope for 45 minutes straight, then go lift weights….great.  Go run 6 miles, then hit the gym in the evening….awesome…feeling strong…..but today…some days, my body is not as pleased to do those exact exercises for that length of time.  At first I saw this as losing something…..I am less than now, it seemed, but after taking some time to create a relationship with what does make me feel good these days, I realize the body is always changing, and with that comes many other opportunities.

On a day where I would just run through the pain, or push through the strain, instead I will go for a hike, and focus on contracting the muscles I am using, while connecting with nature, the birds, the trees, the beauty of it all.  This has made such an impact on my inner peace, my calm and my joy and there in turn has become an addition to my whole, rather than a subtraction, and a possible injury as well.

So the next time you feel like you need to grunt out that last mile…keep in mind that you only get one body…for as long as you are blessed to be here, and ask it….what do you need today…rather than jamming something down it’s throat.  You may just feel even BETTER!

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