RAW Power Yoga class #10, with Tracy Gulbransen

Level 1-3, 90 minutes.   Hello again my yoga loves.  I am so happy to tell you that “Tracy’s Raw Power Yoga” class #10 is finally up and running!  This class offers you the opportunity to take your yoga practice to a higher level.  It requires 90 minutes of pure presence and awareness. This sequence of movements requires intense mind/body focus to maintain balance.  I’m asking for more dedication to your abdominals, to reach that fire, and to maintain the burn.   You will need more, slow, deep Ujjayi breathing focus to avoid triggering your fight-or-flight reflex.  Stay strong, stay dedicated, and make this class belong to YOU!

And don’t forget to foam roll between classes!

Let’s get that sweat on!
XO, Tracy

One thought on “RAW Power Yoga class #10, with Tracy Gulbransen

  1. Might have found a magic bullet! Since August a bad hip has me contemplating hip replacement. After a Steroid pack , 12 weeks of PT and a Steroid injection nothing changed much. After just six of these classes with Tracy the hips are stronger and I am getting through most days with much less pain. Replacement may be necessary, but I feel certain these classes are going to promote a quicker and easier recovery.
    Excellent hip, glute and core training. Exactly what the doctor ordered for me. Thank you Tracy!

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